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Rock Pool Collage

Rock Pool Coasters

Rock Pool Coasters

Catwalk Gemstone Earrings


My mission is quite selfish really as I could not contemplate life without making things or thinking about how create things that are in my mind's eye.
It's serendipitous that the things I produce appeal to enough people to allow me to show and sell my creations at galleries, exhibitions and art events.
I love the fact that some people like my work enough to wear or use it and I hope it brings pleasure to them


Most of my inspiration comes from the natural world either in it's original state and also when it has been changed through human intervention, for instance gemstones and minerals that have been cut and faceted to show their beauty at it's best.
In my photography I like to bring attention to the small details in natural things and use them to create collage and prints or use them in designs for more practical items such as coasters, tea towels etc.


My jewellery revolves around using gemstones, usually semi precious combined with silver or gold and building up colour and shape with different stones.

From my photographs I produce useable items such as coasters and tea towels as well as making collages from found and reclaimed materials inspired by photos that I take

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