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2022 WORKSHOPS (Now available on atmap)  

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We have two workshops to follow online to create a Journey door or Kite with Libby Esler. These creations will be installed at Art in the Park 2022 on August 13th & 14th if you would like to take part you can collect a pack full of all your supplies from the Pump rooms reception or The Town hall. If you have any questions please email 

Make a kite with Libby esler

Make a journey door  with Libby esler


We were able to offer a real variety of workshops at the festival this year, it was fantastic to see so many creating, enjoying and learning something new!


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Why did the Chicken Cross the road? to get to art in the park!!

Furzie felt

Saturday & Sunday

10.30am, 11.45am, 1.45pm, 3.00pm, 4.30pm

£10inc all materials, and guidance (Ages 12+)

Instagram and Facebook: @furziefelt

Instagram: furziefelt.   Facebook: furziefelt.      Website:

Furzie is offering you the opportunity to take part in one of her popular hour-long workshops and make your own needle-felted chicken egg cosy and take home
your kit and materials to make another. Furzie has been teaching the craft since 2015 and has taught over 2,000 people, as well as selling commissions all over
the world. Come and say hello, learn about the craft and see a display of her creations. Talk about commissioning a piece, joining a course or hosting a
party in your own home.

£10 inc. all materials to make two chicken egg cosies, foam
mat and needles to keep. Kits with instructions will also be available to buy if you wish to have a chicken takeaway.


Advance bookings: (DOWNLOAD ATMAP to book your workshop)

10:30 / 11:45 / 13:45 / 15:00 / 16:00 (Saturday & Sunday)

(mobile link only)

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The Jewellery Bench

a  stamped cuff bangle or Stamped/textured pendant

Saturday & Sunday

11am, 12noon, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm


Instagram and Facebook​​@atthejewellerybench



Book your workshop here


£15 each 

The Jewellery Bench are offering jewellery making workshops for children aged 10+.  Design and make either a stamped cuff bangle or a stamped and / or textured pendant. These are for you to take away with you on the day for yourself or give it to someone as a gift.  



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Saturday & Sunday

10AM, 11am, 12:00pm, 1PM,  2pm, 3PM, 4pm, 5PM

FREE inc all materials, and guidance (Ages 8+)

Learn about women hidden in history, how to make a hardback notebook and have a go at experimental poetry. Participants will each be given a booklet which will guide them through the session with key information about Sophia Duleep Singh, book making, experimental poetry and examples of boarders to draw, to be used when decorating pages of the notebook

13th August

14th August

Other times and dates may be available, check it out on atmap 



compton Verney free  WORKSHOP

Saturday & Sunday

10AM, 11am, 12:00pm, 1PM,  2pm, 3PM, 4pm, 5PM

FREE inc all materials, and guidance 

A FREE drop-in STEAM activity for all ages. You’ll be set the challenge of creating a sailing boat using loose parts, unusual materials and fascinating objects from everyday life. We encourage experimenting and out of the box
thinking. Will it float when put to the test? Will it make the journey?
Come and join in to find out!

13th August

14th August

Other times and dates may be available, check it out on atmap

mill gardens WORKSHOPS


Artlab Creative Kids Corner

Saturday & Sunday


FREE inc all materials, and guidance 

Art in the Park and friends is hosting a series of free drop in sessions throughout the whole festival weekend. EVERYONE can create art, all you need is your imagination! Art lab is a local collaborative, specialising in bringing artist experiences to the local public and experimenting with creativity. Available all weekend, Artlab is an inclusive, non-judgemental space where you can come and let your imagination run wild

Book your slot here on Atmap


Paper Marionette 

free drop-in ( ages 18+)

Saturday 4pm 

Sunday 11:30am

FREE inc all materials, and guidance


Learn to create a marionette using lovely hand-made card. Adorn your doll with personalized features, creating something personal and unique.

13th August

14th August

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Paper Flowers

free drop-in (ages 18+)

Saturday 11:45am & 2pm 

Sunday 1pm & 2:30pm 

FREE inc all materials, and guidance

Upcycling has never looked so good. Charity shops dispose of an estimated 50,000 tonnes of unsold books every year, not to mention the books that can no longer be sold because they are missing pages and covers. While some go on to be recycled,
many aren’t because of the glue and bindings.

13th August           

14th August

(More times available on Atmap)




Collage Club 

free drop-in ( ages 18+)

Saturday 3:45pm & 5pm 

Sunday 11 & 12:30pm

FREE inc all materials, and guidance


Take a little time out and enjoy the free art form of collage. Enjoy cutting, pasting and
creating new worlds.

13th August

14th August


branch weaving

free drop-in ( ages 18+)

Saturday 10am

Sunday 3:30pm 

FREE inc all materials, and guidance


Creating with nature has never been more popular. This art form makes a beautiful wall hanging, and creates an interesting talking point in your home.

13th August 10am


14th August  3:30pm

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Alcohol ink

free drop-in (ages 18+)

Saturday 1pm

Sunday 4pm

FREE inc all materials, and guidance


Explore the wonderful world of alcohol ink painting where you never quite know what
you will get! The workshop will be divided into two sections: 30 mins learning and 30 mins experimenting. The result will be a finished piece of art you will be proud to hang on your wall.

13th August 1pm

14th August 4pm

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Acrylic record painting

free drop-in (ages 7-12)

Saturday 10am 

Sunday 10am

FREE inc all materials, and guidance


Create an abstract painting on a vinyl record. Practitioners will demonstrate a few techniques to assist the children’s creation of their art piece.

13th August 10:00am

14th August 10am

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Tie Dye Book Bag 

free drop-in (ages 5 -12)

Saturday Every Hour from 11:45am- 3:45pm

Sunday every hour from 12pm-4pm

FREE inc all materials, and guidance


Book Saturday

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hundertwasser canvas​ 

free drop-in (ages 8-14)

Saturday 4pm & Sunday 11:30am

FREE inc all materials, and guidance by @artlabrtry

Choose your own adventure game, and create a mixed-media Hunderwasser-inspired picture.

13th August

14th August


Lino Printmaking

free drop-in (ages 7-15)

Saturday 4pm 

Sunday 11:30am

FREE inc all materials, and guidance


Make a greeting card with your fabulous unique lino print design!

Download Atmap to book


Messy Kids Corner

free drop-in (ages 1-6)

FREE inc all materials, and guidance


Learn to create a marionette using lovely hand-made card. Adorn your doll with personalized features, creating something personal and unique.

Messy kids corner is something new and exciting to ArtLAB. As we do so many different workshops in schools and community centres we have a fabulous understanding of what youngsters like to do, and how they like to create. All materials and activities are non-toxic and safe to eat!
Activities on offer:
• Homemade play-dough corner
• Fruit stamping with
non-toxic paints
• Make a super hero cape
• Smoosh painting
• Watermelon sponge painting
• Paper plate flower
• Paper Doily crowns
• Egg carton caterpillar/frog
• Colouring table
• Butterfly hands

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cycle- delic

free drop-in (all ages)

FREE inc all materials, and guidance


A spin art-producing bicycle - a cross between a Rube Goldberg contraption and a Damien Hirst painting factory machine. Visitors will add poster paint
to cartridge paper mounted on a spinning platter, producing endlessly varied colourful outcomes. They are invited to cycle the machine if they want, or can nominate an assistant, or the facilitator will cycle for them. A spectator experience as well as a participatory workshop.

Book here on Atmap (Download the app for Free) 


chase meadow.jpg

Childrens Wodden Craft Activity

Chase Meadow Crafts

Saturday & SundaY

FREE inc all materials, and guidance (Ages 3+)

Instagram and Facebook: @chasemeadowcraft

Our craft kit ideas could take your imagination on a pirate or Viking ship, to sparkly skies in a space rocket, through a mystical fair  door or flying high on a unicorn!
We have provided creative, safe and cheerful craft kits and activities at Art In The Park every year since it began. Our craft kits are designed to be accessible to
all and work very well with groups of varying abilities, young and old. Our youngest crafter is 3 and oldest 101. Age and ability should be no barrier to learning
something new and having creative fun in the process.

Visit on the day to book


RANGOLI Workshop



Join Ranbir to learn how to create your own Rangoli on a tile using coloured sand, pasta, different types of Lentils, rice and fresh flowers. Everything will be sanitized between sessions for your safety.

Book this workshop here!

Image by Paul Zoetemeijer


Saturday & Sunday

11:30am every hour

Free - Donations welcome.

Introductory Workshops led by Talented musicians, Vieux Bakayoko from Senegal, and Souleymane compo from Guinea. Masters of djembe and dunduns (traditional African Drums) they will introduce the art of playing the djembe drum a traditional West African Rhythm. Please remember that there are limited numbers due to covid restrictions, all equipment will be cleaned between sessions for your safety.

Download Atmap to book

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making art with flowers-

Leamington spa flower club

kids workshops 10-12pm 

Adult and teens 1:00pm,2:30pm, & 4pm


A variety of things for children to make including: pictures filled with petals; cards to decorate and then finish with flowers; and cups of summery flowers to arrange.
Come and have a go. Children of all ages and all abilities welcome. Adults and teens can learn how to make and wrap a hand-tied bouquet which can be taken home and popped in a vase. Or how about a little table arrangement? You will make
your own container filled with  flowers and fragrance.


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Make a day of fluid art with Eva Artistry

free ( all ages welcome) 

Advance booking via

Acrylic fluid artwork and design lovingly created combines enjoyment with creativity that can be used for interior design, or just for a gift. Experimenting with acrylic, various mediums, and colours together with what you see, feel, and think. Manipulate on the canvas using many acrylic pouring techniques, such as dirty pour, flip cup or swipe with kitchen paper towel, palette knife, teacup or by hand. You will get to take home something special to add cheer to your home.

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Other times will be available, check it out on atmap- Every 2 hours from 10am 


owlet press illustration  workshop

free ( 5-8) drop in 

Drawing lessons with local illustrators, perfect for 5-8 year olds. This is an interactive and fun workshop for any budding artist.

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Leamprov- have a go at improvised comedy 

free (teens & Adults) 

Saturday 12pm

Want to have a go at improvised comedy? Leamprov is running a free one-hour session, teaching the basics of improvised comedy. The workshop will involve some
simple theatre games and exercises that encourage you to develop improv skills.
Leamprov members will be on hand to support you through the workshop.

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woodland theatre.jpg

Woodland Youth Theatre 

free (8+) 

sunday 12pm, 2pm, & 4pm

Join Nicky Bellenger and Tristan Jones-Smith, local theatre practitioners from the Woodland Youth Theatre project, for 45 minutes of fun, drama games and activities.
No experience required.

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Plant Music performed by the trees and plants
of Jephson Gardens

free ( all ages welcome) 

Created in collaboration with artists and neurodiverse students of Leamington LAMP.
LAMP Director Timothy Ellis is continuing the development of sensory music with neurodiverse young people. A new area of interest is in bio data sonification- where tiny electronic impulses in living things can be used to influence and control electronic musical instruments, in particular the modular synthesiser.
For Art In The Park 2022 we will set up a hybrid jam session between trees and plants in Jephson Gardens with LAMP artists and young people. With trees and plants ‘playing’ the instruments we can help raise awareness that they are living
things. A crossover with sound, music, art and a genuine, realtime collaboration with living things in our environment.

Large scale communal paintings in response
to the plant-based sensory music


Our artist will work with the community of festival-goers to experiment with mark-making using a variety of textures and surfaces from naturally found
objects in the park to paint brushes, pens, pencils and objects of everyday use. The
mark-making sessions will be inspired by, and in response to, the plant music from the sensory systems. The work will form a collaborative graphic score in
real time. A range of mixed media will be available including acrylic paints,
inks, pigments and earth. Some of the works in progress will be captured in time-lapse photography  to keep and publish as a visual
record of the works being created.

Print Making Using Found materials


Join the LAMP Marquee and forage for objects such as leaves, twigs etc and have a go at creating an original print in a range of colours. Once dry they can take the print home.

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''Tom shall also have a large magical creature on display that goes by the name of 'The Mondroke of Many Colours'. It is hiding up a tree with his enchanted story to read, good luck on hunting this beast down!''

Curious oddities- Enchanted Woodland wand Workshop

free (all Ages)

Create your very own wooden wand using a range of natural foraged, magical and shimmering decorative materials. Become a fairy wishmaker or woodland warrior at the festival with the help of this truly unique item. Have fun casting spells upon your foes, friends or family! Open to all ages.

Book you space on Atmap

13th August 11am

13th August 12:30

13th August 2pm

13th August 3:30pm


14th August 11am

14th August 12:30

14th August 2pm

14th August 3:30pm

hitchman fountain



Song writing ​ Workshop


Drop in!​


Prebooking is advised. Book on Atmap


DJ workshop -
Learn the basics of mixing,
scratching and song selection
with the amazing DJ Shorty.

Sunday 1pm

Analogue Production Demo - Psygon
Psygon shows us how to make a
beat the old school way with his
analogue beat production demo.

Saturday 12:45

Songwriting Workshop -
Vince and Wynter Black
Vince and Wynter Black give
a crash course on how to create
amazing lyrics with meaning
and feeling.

Saturday 15:15

Photography Workshop
Throughout the day our budding
photographers can test their
skills on real-life subjects around
the festival and their pictures will
be used in and exhibited at our
unit after the festival.

Saturday 14:00

Music Production Workshop

Join Flowlosopher & Harlem Ralf 

while they give a masterclass on 

music production and beat making

sampling, mixing, drum sequencing

& compression. This is going to be


Saturday 11:30


DMAC Dance Workshops and Flash mobs 

FREE Drop-in workshops
(All ages welcome)

See individual workshop for times and days. Be a performer at our Festival! DMAC are bringing something
new to Leamington: Flash Mobs. Join in on the workshops and then go off as a group to perform your dance
somewhere in the festival!

Free - Please book on atmap



Salsa Workshop

Saturday 1:30pm 

Sunday 3pm

Free - Please book in advance.

There are some things in life that it is impossible not to smile about, and a Cuban-Style Dance Workshop with Alain Hernandez is one of them. The combination of Alain’s infectious smile, his unique teaching style that guarantees everyone’s success, whatever your dance ability .... combined with authentic Cuban movement and rhythms, makes these workshops an experience you simply do not want to miss.



Bollywood dance Workshop

Saturday 12:00pm

Sunday 4pm

Free - Please book in advance.

Bringing flavours of India with Bhangra-Bollywood fusion dance workshop. Giving you the taste of Northern spice-and-hip swings of Bollywood, learn a short
routine on the latest trending Bollywood song. Promises to prove popular again this year.

image2 (5).jpeg


street dance Workshop

Saturday 4pm 

Sunday 12pm

Free - Please book in advance.

This workshop is aimed mainly at teenagers, but everyone is welcome to have a go. We will be covering a range of intricate routines that everyone can do.
This class is aimed to be lots of fun, challenging and full of high energy that helps build stamina, performance skills and confidence.



west African  Workshop

Saturday 3:00pm

SUnday 1:30pm 

Free - Please book in advance.

West African dance in Senegalese style. High energy, inclusive, suitable for everyone. Aida is the UK’s leading West African dance teacher. Working and performing across the world, she’s an amazing teacher.Come and learn the moves
that get everyone smiling.