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2023 WORKSHOPS (Now available on skiddle)  

We were able to offer a real variety of workshops at the festival this year, it was fantastic to see so many creating, enjoying and learning something new!


Vivien Naimo Felt Flower_1.jpg

Viviens Wet Felting Workshop 

Book in advance £10 

Ages 7+ 

Saturday & Sunday

Using a felting tool called a “resist”, participants will make a small, wet, felted flower which can be used as a brooch or hair tie. Participants will learn the characteristics of wool and the basics of felting using the resist. You can take your work away with you and the backing for the item can be sewn on at home.

Facebook :

Instagram: @vivien_naimo





FREE inc all materials, and guidance (Ages 8+)

Learn about women hidden in history, how to make a hardback notebook and have a go at experimental poetry. Participants will each be given a booklet which will guide them through the session with key information about Sophia Duleep Singh, book making, experimental poetry and examples of boarders to draw, to be used when decorating pages of the notebook

Fresh Thinking workshop with Esther Hutson 

vision board WORKSHOP


FREE inc all materials, and guidance 

10am ( 6-12) 11:30am ( 16+) 1pm(16+) 2:30pm ( 16+) 4:00pm ( 16+) 5pm Drop in session

Esther the founder and creator behind Fresh thinking coaching. I am a fully qualified mindset, life coach and wellness professional. I created Fresh Thinking from my desire to follow my passion of helping people to identify their own passions, values and goals. 

Join us on Sunday to build a creative masterpiece otherwise know as your vision board!  This is a proven way to keep track of your goals, values and intentions with a little help from Fresh Thinking. At the end of this one hour session you will have designed and created a visual representation of what you want and desire in your future with a bit of manifestation and self confidence thrown in by us 

Compton Verney 01.jpeg

 Creative in Nature - Experimental printmaking and recording techniques inspired by nature 

Saturday & Sunday 10:15 am, 11: 20 am, 12:25 pm, 2:15 pm and 3:20 Book in advance £8  - Ages 8+

£8 inc all materials, and guidance 

This workshop explores the links between nature and art in an experimental and fun way that is designed to engage participants in a range of art practices that can be used with little or no experience. 

During the 45 min workshop participants will be introduced to the art of printmaking and cyanotype (sun printing) photography using techniques such as mono-printing, pressings into paper and frottages to create truly beautiful artwork whilst having a fantastic amount of fun.

mill gardens WORKSHOPS


Children’s Tent - Drop-In - Ages 2 to 6

free drop-in 

Saturday & Sunday 

FREE inc all materials, and guidance

You will be able to make tin foil sculptures out of aluminium foil. Allow your creativity to GO

WILD with this craft, why not make models of each of your family members, not forgetting the

DOG! If you would like to dress your sculpture, simply add a little masking tape and colour.


We will have a table for colouring-in and collage! Why not colour in some bunting and add it to our gallery, it's such a wonderful way to become involved in our onsite live installation. Bunting crafting will be available all weekend.


As we have the theme of PRESENT, this year we thought it a good idea to create one. This craft allows us to focus on the here and now, at the same time creating a lovely gift for someone special. Cover a rock in vintage map collage and give it to someone who needs a special gift and add a bow with a gift tag message.


Artlab Messy Kids Play Area - Drop-In - Ages 1 to 6

Saturday & Sunday


FREE inc all materials, and guidance 

We will have three outdoor messy play stations for kids to play at with a variety of activities throughout the day.

download (26).jpg


Make a Crown - Free Drop In Ages 2+

Saturday  & Sunday  

FREE inc all materials, and guidance

Always a hit at a festival, this craft allows children to immerse themselves and create something they can wear proudly around the festival, showcasing all their creativity! Eco art at its absolute BEST!




Silhouette Lantern Jar

Saturday 10:00am Sunday 3:20pm

Book in advance Ages

6 +

Do you believe in fairies? Come join us on site this year at AITP to create your very own Silhouette jar in 1 hour. The magic these beautiful jars create once lit is gorgeous! Make your very own jar complete with tea light and magic glitter.



Denim Jewellery

Saturday 4:00pm - Sunday 10:00am

 Book in advance 

Ages 8-14

Upcycling and recycling is very important to the team at ArtLAB, we have created a great alternative to sending your old jeans to the charity shop! Why not repurpose the denim and make yourself and your friends some denim jewellery. Our tutorial will teach you the basics in creating your very own bracelet. You will then have time to customise it and make it totally unique to YOU! We will provide lots of tantalising sparkle beads, threads, buttons and recycled fabrics! All you need to do is sew it all together.



Headbands Upcycled

 Saturday 12:00pm - Sunday 1:00pm

 Book in advance

Ages 8+

Would you like to get into the festival vibe? Why not join us for 45 minutes of eco-art headdress making. All the materials used to make your unique headdress will be recycled as everything will have had a previous life! Let the ArtLAB team show you how we create our festival look. Enjoy the tearing of fabric, the deconstruction of garments and chatting with your friends while creating a fabulous, new, creative, item to wear with pride in the 2023 festival season. Let your imagination run FREE!



Festival Wand Making

Saturday 3:00pm - Sunday 10:00am

Book in advance 

Ages 7+

Wizards and witches unite! It's time to take an hour out to design yourself a summer festival wand! Let our wizarding team help you explore the world of festival wand making!



Harry Potter Wand Making

 Saturday 1:30pm - Sunday 12:15pm

Book in advance 

 Ages 7+

Calling all Harry Potter fans, we need you, and your creativity, to join us in making your very own Harry Potter inspired wand. Spend 45 minutes joining our Wizards this summer for a workshop with a difference, each student will have the chance to create a wand totally unique to them. Magic will be made in this workshop!



Spray paint a t-shirt

Saturday 3:00pm - Sunday 11:00am

Book in advance 

 Ages 6+

Have you ever wanted to make a t-shirt that's TOTALLY WILD and TOTALLY YOU! Join us for our upcycling spray painting session. Each day we will have 10 spaces available for children to spray lots of colourful dye onto an upcycled t-shirt. Give this old t-shirt a new look, go crazy

with colour! Make something completely unique to you.

images (13).jpg


Tie dye pillow case

 Saturday 11:00am & 2:00pm - Sunday 12:15pm & 4:00pm

Book in advance

Ages 6+

FREE inc all materials, and guidance

This year we are tie-dying pillow cases which you can take home. Sure to make your dreams a little more colourful and fun!

Aesthetic Nest Craft Ribbon and Flower Crowns (Tutorial).png


Headdress with ribbons and flowers


Saturday 11:15am - Sunday 1:15pm


Book in advance £3.50


Making a beautiful floral headdress has never been easier! Over the course of an hour we will be using lots of recycled materials to create a beautiful look. Each and everyone will be totally unique.

Colourful sections of the alcohol inks on glass on glass m…  Flickr.png


Glass tile painting 

Saturday 10am - Sunday 4:10pm


Book in advance £3.50


We were gifted a number of glass tiles over the winter so we thought they would make an awesome summer project! Here we are with a stack of glass paints awaiting your creativity, so come spend an hour being creative with us.


Recycled Crafts Plastic Bottle Flower Wreath.png



 Leather cuff painting

Saturday 2:30pm - Sunday 2:00pm

Book in advance £3.50


The team at ArtLAB have used recycled leather to make cuffs for our participants. All you have to do is add pretty colourful details! Over the course of an hour the team will talk you through the basics of leather painting, the rest is up to you. LET YOUR CREATIVITY GO MAD!


Create a Sustainable Wreath 

Saturday 3:00pm - Sunday 11:15am


Book in advance £3.50

Make your recycling into a piece of art to share with your friends. Each time they knock on your door they will be blown away by your recycled plastic wreath. Lots of recycled bottles, a little spray paint and a load of creativity is all you need to make this wreath fabulous!

WhatsApp Image 2023-06-20 at 4.17.29 PM.jpeg


Eco fabric painting 

Saturday 12:20pm - Sunday 2:20pm

 Book in advance £3.50

Local artist Anna Clarke leads this ‘Rags to Treasure’ workshop where you will be shown how to breathe new life into a garment by painting a memorable scene on it. Using something you might find in a local charity shop this will be something you treasure forever.

IMG_1607 2.jpg

vital moves

Bollywood with Aanchal Gupta 

 Saturday 11:00am to 4:00 pm

free drop-in (all ages) 

This Bhangra-Bollywood fusion dance workshop brings the culture of India to Leamington Spa. Giving you a taste of northern spice-and-hip swings of Bollywood, participants will learn a short routine on the latest trending Bollywood song. This promises to prove popular again this year. Look out for the 11am and 2pm slots showcasing Bollywood styles with Aanchal Gupta.

Penny photo (1).jpeg

vital moves

Freedom Soul with Penny Avery

 Saturday 12.00pm & 3:00pm

free drop-in (all ages) 

In the first slot get ready for a high energy dance focusing on fun! The dance is about freedom of self, happiness and joy. Bringing movement that connects us with each other and to those watching the flash mob crescendo! In the second workshop participants will learn two dances focusing on West African style and contemporary movements. These dances are full of 

joy and will bring out the dancer in you


vital moves

Salsa with Alain Hernández

 Saturday 1.00pm & 4:30pm

free drop-in (all ages) 

There are some things in life that are impossible not to smile about and a Cuban-Style dance workshop with Alain Hernandez is one of them. The combination of Alain’s infectious smile and  unique teaching style, which guarantees everyone’s success, makes these workshops an unmissable experience. Whatever your dance ability, come enjoy this authentic masterclass in Cuban movement and rhythm.

image_67525121 (1).JPG

vital moves

Brazilian Workshops

Sunday 12:00pm & 3:30pm

free drop-in (all ages) 

Want to feel like you’re part of the Rio Carnival? Then join Mariana for samba dance workshops that include dressing up and doing a parade to show off your best moves! The Parade will follow the workshops so come get your rhythm flowing.



free drop-in (all ages) 

Earth-bound will be leading some exciting workshops throughout the day at Art in The Park. Founded by Sioda Adams, Earth-bound strives to make uplifting arts activities and performances accessible to all.  They will be giving families the opportunity to get creative with recycled materials and participate in an immersive show. Passers-by can drop in and take part in creative play through movement, crafts and music or simply observe as part of the audience. This will be led by members of Earth Bound and other members of Leamington’s freelance community. We call it the Creative Social Club.


Therapy and Fitness Centre Leamington Spa

free drop-in (all ages) 

Saturday 10:00am,11:30am,12:30pm,2:30pm, 3:30pm

Sunday 10:00am,11:00am,12:30pm, 3:00pm

At the Therapy and Fitness Centre your health and wellbeing is our passion. Keeping everyone mobile and pain free and enjoying what they love doing most. Our treatment rooms and studio are situated on Warwick Street, just a short walk from the Parade. With various treatments and classes to look after your physical and mental wellbeing. Why not join the Therapy and Fitness Centre team this weekend in Mill Gardens for some yoga and see how you can benefit from it!



free drop-in (all ages) 

Pupils from three local primary schools (St Patrick's, Sydenham and Clapham Terrace) would like to invite you to visit their fabulous SPLAT! pop-up art gallery.  The children have worked with professional artists in school to create some exciting pieces of work including screen prints, jewellery, photographs and textile banners. The schools are all committed to improving access to high quality arts for children and secured funding from local charities to make this wonderful collaboration with professional artists possible.  Please show your support by coming along to take a look!


 Drop in and you will be able to have a go at screen printing yourself with local artist Jim Duncan, free of charge.


WhatsApp Image 2021-08-07 at 7.10.40 PM.jpeg

cycle- delic

free drop-in (all ages)

FREE inc all materials, and guidance

A spin art-producing bicycle - a cross between a Rube Goldberg contraption and a Damien Hirst painting factory machine. Visitors will add poster paint
to cartridge paper mounted on a spinning platter, producing endlessly varied colourful outcomes. They are invited to cycle the machine if they want, or can nominate an assistant, or the facilitator will cycle for them. A spectator experience as well as a participatory workshop.


RANGOLI Workshop

Saturday & Sunday 


Join Ranbir to learn how to create your own Rangoli on a tile using coloured sand, pasta, different types of Lentils, rice and fresh flowers.


Curious oddities-Make a Magical Amulet Workshop

Saturday & Sunday 

free (all Ages)

Join Tom of Curious Oddities to summon up your very own amulet and embellish it with the finest gems and magical foraged objects. Simply using different wires, string, natural/recycled materials and fabrics to weave your own unique and treasured piece.


Make a day of fluid art with Eva Artistry

free ( all ages welcome) 

Advance booking via

Come along and enjoy experiment with acrylic paint about what you see, think,

or feel. Make your colours and pouring techniques together with a cup, palette

knife, paper towel or just with a hand. You will get to take home something

special to add cheer to your home.

Instagram: #evartistx






chase meadow.jpg

Childrens Wodden Craft Activity

Chase Meadow Crafts

Saturday & SundaY

FREE inc all materials, and guidance (Ages 3+)

Instagram and Facebook: @chasemeadowcraft

Chase Meadow Crafts are back at Art in The Park with new craft kits to make and create in your own style. The children's art boards we are creating this year have some wonderful wooden motifs to start the children off on their creative journey and design their own magical story boards. Colourful, bright and cheerful, our safe individual kits are suitable for children aged over 3 years and are designed to be accessible to all abilities and suit SEND families too. Whether you'd like to design a dragonfly over a river scene, a garden view with a giant snail or a fairy toadstool, we have some fantastic ideas to help you help you along the way.

Places may be reserved, in person, on each day.

image0 (15).jpeg

making art with flowers-

Leamington spa flower club

10-12pm Free Drop in

1:30,2:30pm, 3:30pm, 4:30pm Book in advance Adults & Teens


A variety of things for children to make including: pictures filled with petals; cards to decorate and then finish with flowers; and cups of summery flowers to arrange.
Come and have a go. Children of all ages and all abilities welcome. Adults and teens can learn how to make a flower crown. 

Image by Paul Zoetemeijer


Saturday & Sunday

11:30am every hour

Free - Donations welcome.

Introductory Workshops led by Talented musicians, Vieux Bakayoko from Senegal, and Souleymane compo from Guinea. Masters of djembe and dunduns (traditional African Drums) they will introduce the art of playing the djembe drum a traditional West African Rhythm. Please remember that there are limited numbers due to covid restrictions, all equipment will be cleaned between sessions for your safety.


Leamprov- have a go at improvised comedy 

free (teens & Adults) 

Saturday 12:15pm & 2:45pm

The workshop will introduce attendees to what Improvised Comedy is and how it works. We will run some drama based warm up games and put on some exercises to practise making up dramatic moments off the cuff. At the end of the session attendees will play some basic theatre games to put these skills into practice. 


The workshop will be akin to a drama workshop with attendees moving about the space and creating short performances of their very own.




Living Mushrooms

free ( all ages welcome) SEND Friendly 

We will host workshops connecting art, science, food and fun. For Art in the Park 2023 neurodiverse young artists from LAMP will assist the lead artists in facilitating festival goers to learn about growing edible mushrooms in a fun, interactive setting. Living mushrooms will play synthesisers while workshop hosts explain and demonstrate mushroom growing kits using prepared time-lapse film.

Festival goers will be able to plug themselves into a modular synthesiser system becoming a human sequencer using their own bio-data. Humans will be shown a set of basic controls to manipulate sound, generating their own hybrid sensory music.

Liquid Sonic Abstraction

free ( all ages welcome) SEND Friendly 

An original painting method that combines painting on prepared water and uses sound waves to disrupt the water surface. The image is printed on treated paper at the moment of disruption.

Print Making Using Found materials

free ( all ages welcome) SEND Friendly 

Join the LAMP Marquee and forage for objects such as leaves, twigs etc and have a go at creating an original print in a range of colours. Once dry they can take the print home.

Dot Domes with children (1).jpg

julia snowdin

summer spot installation

Saturday & Sunday 10:30am

Free SEND Friendly Riverside 

Come along to make your own story stick! Where you will be offered the invitation to be connected to art, play, creativity and nature. The sticks carry their own story of the relationship between the stick, the materials and the creator.


Come and join artist and creator of Summer Spot and Dot Dome, Julia Snowdin and helper Jess Pinson in a messy, painting and collage workshop. Taking inspiration from the installations we will be creating huge circles and painting, gluing and sticking to make artworks that catch and reflect the sunlight. Be prepared to get messy, we will provide a washing station for when you have finished. If you can't make the session we're back on Thurs 17th August doing the same activity.

Dance for Juniors pic 1 low res.jpg

Motionhouse Youth Dance Workshop

Sunday 11:15am

Free Ages 6-13

Come along and join the amazing professional dancers from Leamington Spa-based dance-circus company Motionhouse. Explore our renowned dance-circus style in this creative workshop. Suitable for complete beginners or young people who’ve already tried dance as a hobby and are looking to interact with us in a fun and relaxed atmosphere! Our teaching is accessible and inspiring, we nurture a fully inclusive environment where all people are welcome and feel safe, accepted and challenged.

hitchman fountain



Song writing ​& Music production Workshop


Book in advance 



We want this year to be our biggest collaboration yet. Bring your instruments, your voices and your song ideas to our outdoor studio. Spectators are welcome so why not drop in and see how the song progresses over the course of the day.

DJ workshop 

Get behind the decks and learn how to mix and blend like a pro in our interactive DJ workshop.


Content Creation

Learn how to capture and edit  social media content like a pro in this interactive session.


Design your own hat Workshop. Bring old denim items and re-design into your own bucket hat. Or choose from some of our upcycled fabrics.

Styling Workshop and Styling Challenge

Do you have an eye for style? Complete our styling workshop and participate in the styling challenge. (Winner chosen on Sunday)

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