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Sarah Methuen






You Are In The Air That We Breathe

You Are In The Air That We Breathe

Echo of Dreams

Echo of Dreams

I See You

I See You


Sarah Methuen is a multi-disciplinary artist and an MA Fine Art graduate from the Birmingham School of Art. She has been an educator and practitioner in the combined creative sectors of theatre and art for over twenty years. Her aim is for people to connect with the combined energy and peaceful nature of her pieces, to have an unspoken conversation with the work and to ultimately find tranquillity.


Sarah is inspired by our relationship with the universe and the elements within it....the idea of energy, space, time and existential inquiry. Light and its significance to life and healing is a massive component within the work, as well as physical and the notion of landscape, both emotional


To achieve the unique surface marks, Sarah uses a watercolour mono print technique, which she then ‘anchors’ with precise application of gold, silver or bronze leaf. Each piece is different and unrepeatable. A moment truly captured in time.

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