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Ruth Mary Jewellery






Birthstone ring featuring raw uncut ruby, sapphire, garnet and amethyst

Emerald and diamond ring adapted to fit with arthritic hands

Emerald and diamond ring adapted to fit with arthritic hands

Pink sapphire and diamond paisley engagement ring


Ruth Chipperfield’s vision is to become a world renowned jewellery designer, known for designing fine jewellery for clients who crave creativity and don’t know where to start. She aims for her pieces to become collectors items, sold at top auction houses across the world. Along the way she aims to inspire people with her scientific gemstone knowledge and innovate to engineer new jewellery mechanisms, which make jewellery more comfortable for people with disabilities and arthritis.


Ruth’s inspiration comes sculptural details in nature, art and design, from magnificent buildings, to couture three dimensional embroidery, to microscopic details in plants. She is also inspired by her clients to create designs they can wear, regardless of arthritis or disabilities such as innovative clasp and ring mechanisms.


Ruth Mary Jewellery works in gold, silver and platinum, with ethically mined or recycled gemstones. Ruth’s bespoke work includes redesigning clients heirloom jewellery keeping memories alive in a style they love, as well as repairing the ‘unrepairable’. This includes re-cutting gemstones and refining yellow gold and re-alloying it to create white gold and vica versa.

Ruth’s style is very sculptural and her collection pieces all start out as lace prototypes, hand stitched with needle and thread, before being cast in precious metal and set with precious gemstones. However, she loves creating the perfect bespoke piece for her clients even when they don’t know what they want themselves.

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