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Gaia - Design on Canvas

DJ - Design (Digital)

DJ - Design (Digital)

Riff - Design on sustainable Sweatshirt


"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” Pablo Picasso
As an artist and founder of, my vision is to harmonise the beauty of art with sustainable practices. My journey, documented on Instagram, reveals a transition from a DJ to an artist, fueled by a relentless passion for creativity. Initially drawing and painting for personal growth, a suggestion from a close friend transformed my art into wearable statements. My mission is to infuse clothing with art that speaks, while steadfastly respecting our planet. My process involves initial pencil sketches, followed by inking and coloring with alcohol markers. These pieces are then digitally enhanced using Procreate on an iPad, culminating in striking, eco-friendly t-shirt designs. This journey from paper to apparel embodies my commitment to sustainability, working with suppliers who champion the textiles circular economy.


I draw inspiration from the vibrant and transformative realms of 20th-century modern art, particularly Pop Art and Art Nouveau. The bold, often controversial Pop Art movement, with its vivid colors and commercial imagery, contrasts intriguingly with the elegant, nature-inspired curves of Art Nouveau. This fusion creates a dynamic aesthetic in my work, blending modern sensibilities with historical art forms. Further shaping my artistic journey is the influence of contemporary digital artists like Ross Tran, Stanley Artgerm Lau and Loish.


My artistic medium is a layered journey beginning with traditional techniques and culminating in digital innovation. I start with pencil drawings, laying the foundation of my creations. This is followed by inking, which adds depth and definition. Color is then introduced using a blend of Copic markers, Posca pens, and acrylic gouache, applied on either canvas or Bristol Board paper. These mediums allow for vibrant hues and intricate details. The physical artwork is then transformed into a digital format using Procreate on an iPad, where it undergoes final refinements. This digitised version is pivotal in my sustainable approach, as it seamlessly integrates into an eco-friendly printing process. The resulting digital images are then printed onto 100% organic apparel, marrying traditional artistry with contemporary digital techniques and environmental consciousness. My medium, therefore, is not just about the art itself, but also its journey from sketch to sustainable fashion.

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