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Luke Crump






'It's All in Your Head'

'Mother Nature'

'Mother Nature'

'Doodle Gazebo'


In the past I have battled and overcome tremendous anxieties and severe OCD.

Art, for me, is truly therapeutic and meditative in its process and creation. In response to this I create and illustrate my own worlds, expressing those inner thoughts & feelings.

I quickly learnt my mission was to create work that resonates with my core ethos and beliefs, whilst using my unique voice and style to bring joy to others, whilst having fun!

My vision is to touch as many peoples' lives as possible through the work I make and use my creativity to enrich my world and other's around me, bringing awareness to important themes of mental health and environmental awareness.


My work has many influences from abstract expressionism, the 80's New York street art and Pop art movement to early 2000’s comic books and Warner Bros cartoons.
I am particularly inspired by the works of other artists; Keith Haring, Jean Michel-Basquiat, Jean Dubuffet, Picasso, Henri Rousseau, Yayoi Kusama, Wassily Kandinsky Mr Doodle and Kev Munday - to name a few!

Aside from artistic inspiration, I believe there are ideas everywhere. Unusual themes, people, places and even news stories can motivate me to reflect and begin a new piece.

Music is a wonderful catalyst to create and my work has in the past, been used by musicians, DJ’s and track producers to use on album covers or gig backdrops.

I have also delved regularly into the realms of spirituality and have an interest in Eastern Philosophy which can inspire the work I create.


My contemporary 'doodle' style takes many forms - from canvas, murals, apparel, shoes and print, tattoos and guitars - I do not wish my medium to constrain me to a certain size or scale.
Primarily I use acrylic based paint pens to create my pieces. Often the simple use of a black marker is enough to satisfy me creatively - keep it simple!

Alongside I will sometimes use ink, acrylic paint, emulsion wood burning and digital illustration.

A few mediums have also been physical 'products'. I have worked alongside Adidas & Depop to create a new design for their sustainable 'Stan Smith' trainer & most recently artwork for an afro pick design, celebrating BLM.

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