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Louy Magroos Jewellery






Chunky geometic shape necklaces

Art deco fan necklace

Art deco fan necklace

Sunburst stud earrings


Handmade jewellery is my passion, the idea that creating something with my hands that will be worn forever, become a cherished keepsake, and passed down to future generations is something I will never get tired of.

For me, hand-making jewellery is a way to forge a memory or meaning into metal, whether is it something you wear everyday, or a special keepsake to commemorate your most important life moments.

My jewellers bench is where every piece comes to life, it bears the scars of every saw mark and drilled hole, file scuff and solder scorch, it tells the story of where my ideas become wearable pieces that will last a lifetime.

I want my jewellery to be worn, not hidden inside a jewellery box. Little pieces of everyday luxury, jewellery that is to be enjoyed and that becomes a part of you and your story.


1920’s Art Deco design has always been a huge inspiration for me. Geometric shapes, bold contrasts and sleek silhouettes are often found in my designs. The decadence of the Art Deco era which embraced simplicity, and celebrated the purest of shapes, but didn’t compromise on quality are big influences in my work.

Over the last year I have been experimenting with organic curves in some new designs, I’ve found a beautiful blend of natural sweeping curves and clean defined lines that retains my clean, striking, geometric style but also references a more natural aesthetic. I have created these designs through experimenting and honing my ability to create pieces from wax carved designs. I have a popular new ‘Wing’ collection that I am planning to expand on in time for AITP 2023


I predominantly work with Sterling silver and 9ct Gold and incorporate many different types of gemstones and pearls into my designs, but also other precious metals for special commissions.

All of my jewellery is handmade, using traditional jewellery making and goldsmithing techniques that I originally learnt during my degree at the Birmingham School of jewellery and have continued to train in over the last 15 years.

On some of my more recent designs I have collaborated with a laser engraver to create some unique patterned elements to my designs

The images I have chosen to upload each show a piece from my 3 most popular collections. The Sunburst collection, which all features the ‘Sunburst’ motif, the Wing collection which combines sweeping curves and striking geometric ridges, and finally my Pearl collection which proved the most popular at last years AITP, featuring pearls with a black and silver contrast

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