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To Warmer Shores

To Warmer Shores

The Worrier


Luminita Prints aims to create timeless illustrations that preserve local species in print. Prints are created using sustainable materials and celebrate the UK’s biodiversity before it fades from view. Offering high quality art which is affordable for all is also a key priority.
Luminita (lu-min-it-sa) comes from the Romanian for "little light". It’s an appropriate name for a short artist, making small prints about the little, everyday joys that amuse us who happened to marry a Romanian.


Born in the industrial heart of the Midlands, I am inspired by the wide-open skies, intimate woodlands and varied meadows in this country. I share my home with the woodpeckers, badgers and foxes that visit from the neighbouring pocket park, in Braunston, Northamptonshire.


I use marmoleum which is a more sustainable version of traditional lino. Produced by Forbo, an ethical company with a focus on sustainability, it offers a sharp line which is essential for my works due to their size. I use a die cutting machine as my table top press and can print up to A4 size. Keeping prints small enables me to focus on simplicity, and the message I want to say with my work.

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