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Millwheel Ceramics





Hand built Crank Clay Bottle Inspired By Industrial Landscape

Nature’s Touch - Organic pot

Nature’s Touch - Organic pot

Hand built Crank Clay Bottle inspired by the sea


My mission as an artist is to connect myself and viewers to nature, bringing my love for the coast and countryside into my ceramic practice. I aim to bring the sense of calm and well-being I get from nature into people’s homes via my vessels and bottles.
As I develop my work and explore different forms, my connection to nature will remain; the future vision for my practice is to experiment new ways of introducing nature into my ceramics. I collect coastal driftwood and use it to mount some of my pieces on. In the future I will play with other found objects from the surrounding Warwickshire Countryside, using natural textures and patterns from tree bark, leaves etc and pressing and imprinting these directly into the clay. The collection of foliage becomes the colour pallet for some of my pieces.


I am a ceramicist inspired by the natural world. I love textures and tones of nature’s erosion and corrosion. I am particularly interested in the seashore and coastal landscapes, also rock formations and old tree trunks.
I use heavily grogged clay to create the aged surfaces. All my work is hand built using oxides, slips and glazes. The washed back slips and oxides create the look of peeling paint, corrosion and decay. I search for textured items to imprint into the clay. I also enjoy painting and try to incorporate some painting skills into some of my work using underglazes and slips.
Art is my passion and I hope my inspirations are shown in my work. By being involved in Art In The Park I am able to mix with many other like minded artists and get inspiration from them also.


My medium is clay. I hand build mainly coiling. I use heavily grogged clay to create aged surfaces. I tend to use a lot of slips and underglazes together with various oxides which are washed back. I produce various bottles, pots, large bowls and ceramic fish mounted on driftwood.

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