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Jeni Neale






Eryngium Supernova

Eryngium Supernova

Cardoon Trio

Cardoon Trio

Eustacia Vye Rose

Eustacia Vye Rose


My aim is to produce accurate, detailed representations of flowers, fruit, and vegetables. I seek to inspire people to take an interest in botanical art and through my work bring an increased understanding of the plant life around them.


Watching fruit and vegetables grow on my father’s allotment sparked my love for botanical art. Capturing the essence and character of a plant in detail, its shape, and its zing of colour is a constant challenge. I enjoy the process of painting in watercolour and its tranquillity and therapeutic qualities.


Most of my paintings are done on a larger scale as this aids me in capturing the intricate details of a plant’s anatomy. The translucent properties of watercolour allow me to paint several layers to make strong contrasts between light and shade creating dramatic stills on the paper. In the future, I would like to explore the portrayal of patterns and texture in plants as an abstract form of art.

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