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Jane Elizabeth Ceramics



Group of Woodlings 1

Group of Woodlings 2

Group of Woodlings 2



I am a recently disabled artist. Making art has allowed me to maintain connections, purpose and enjoyment in life.

Podlings and Woodlings emerge from hedgerows and bushes like refugees seeking solace. They appear shocked, perplexed and puzzled with what they find. Some say they are screaming, some say they are singing, some say they are whistling – if you listen carefully they will tell you their stories.


I live in rural Lincolnshire and potter in my studio at the bottom of my garden surrounded by greenery and shadowed by a beautiful gnarled ancient apple tree.

As I sit and make, I hear only wind rushing through leaves and birds singing. As I rest and meditate Podlings and Woodlings blossom from a world hidden in the shadows of imagination where the wind blows wild and whispering voices echo. They are an encapsulation or echo of my experience, life and soul.


Soft formless clay is slowly transformed in my hands over hours, days, weeks, sometimes months. I create each piece individually, so they are all unique and one of a kind. I use no moulds in my work every piece is a mixture of slabs, coils, pinch pots and modelling.

I use stoneware clays and treat surfaces with glazes and oxides. I often juxtapose rough matt surfaces with shiny glazes.

Each piece is individual, unique and quirky – an encapsulation or echo of my experience, life and soul.

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