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Christine Pearson



Ocean Blue. Enamelled Copper Pendant

Drop Earrings, Enamelled Copper

Drop Earrings, Enamelled Copper

Landscape Enamelled Copper Stud Earrings


Christine believes that jewellery is a very personal form of art. It can reflect the personality of the wearer, create a conversation, or make a statement. Creating distinctive and unusual pieces of jewellery, Christine uses subtle textures, simple shapes and bold colours which she hopes the wearer will enjoy wearing. As she individually makes her jewellery, she pays very close attention to the quality and finish of each piece. Her range of work includes large, statement pieces, as well as smaller, more affordable items.
Christine creates individual pieces of wearable art.


Inspired by landscapes and nature, Christine’s artworks draw from the colours and textures she sees around her. Colour combinations may remind an observer of a field or seascape. The textures she uses may have been inspired by a rocky ledge or cracks in a pavement.
Christine uses a mix of translucent and opaque colours and when these are held up to the light it is possible to see through the layers of coloured enamel.


Starting with sheet copper or silver Christine uses a rolling mill to press vintage lace or ribbon into the metal to add texture. She then cuts the individual shapes before drilling, filing, soldering and assembling her jewellery, all by hand. Additional textures are added using steel punches.
Different coloured vitreous enamels are added, one layer at a time. The pieces are fired between each layer to around 800* C. One item of jewellery may have 5-6 layers of colour, as well as decorative glass elements.
Christine combines the enamel colours as a painter applies paint, in an individual and creative way.

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