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Chris Greening Pottery






Large slipware platter

Raku & barrel fired pots

Raku & barrel fired pots



Chris’ mission as a potter is to produce high quality ceramics that stand up to both technical and aesthetic scrutiny.
His vision is to create ceramics that invite the user to explore his work through the visual and textural story of the form.


Chris is inspired by the textural aspects of marine geology, a function of a previous career as a hydrographic surveyor. The fluidity of the liquid clays (slips) he uses allows the exploration of the abstract nature of rocks and the coast in ceramic form.


Chris is a specialist type of potter called a slipware potter. The fluid nature of the slips (coloured liquid clay) are applied directly to the raw clay. This allows him to adjust and manipulate the ceramic patterns. These emulate those seen on sandy beaches, as well as in the rocks exposed around our shorelines. However, by manipulating the consistency of the slip he can also produce raised images, letters and even braille. The slip can also be carved and scratched into to produce further texture and patterns.
More recently, Chris has also been experimenting with raku and barrel firings for some unusual textures and patterns.

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