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Anthea Yeo Metal Art






Recycled metal hare ornament

Recycled copper bird ornament

Recycled copper bird ornament

Recycled copper and semi precious gemstone earrings


Anthea is a trained metalsmith, artist, and a recycling guru. She hates waste and loves metal. So she combines these passions to create curious works of art and jewellery using recycled copper and brass with the addition of interesting bits & bobs that have been squirrelled away over the years.


Anthea’s creations are unique due to the nature of the raw materials used. She loves to find inspiration in the unwanted and is certain that everything can be repurposed and have a 2nd life. Look out for light bulbs, corks, door knobs, car parts.... the list continues to grow!


Anthea chooses hand riveting over soldering (where possible) as a preferred method of joining parts. This ensures any natural patina, dinks, dents and character from a previous life, are all preserved in the finished piece.

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