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This is the first of two compositions of 'Pyramid Selling', with ten cans formed into a pyramid against white tiles. To paraphrase Henry Ford, 'You can have any flavour, as long as it is processed'. When Andy Warhol painted Campbell soup cans onto 32 canvases in 1961, some Europeans thought his art was a critique of US capitalism. It wasn't. - He was painting his lunch: soup and Coca-Cola. He loved money, so he painted dollar bills; he admired film stars, so he painted Monroe and Taylor. Subverting capitalism in modern life? - Now that's my job! Using pin-sharp vector graphics; this listing is A2, but available in any size..

Pyramid Selling #1 - Liquid Capitalism series

  • Size (mm or other if stated)

    420 x 594 mm
  • Artist

    Ben Cowan - Art That Makes You Think
  • Medium

    Digital painting - signed limited edition /60 giclée print on 310gsm Hahnemuhle art paper
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