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Each year we aim to bring together an amazing range of live theatre, dance and performance to Jephson Gardens. From contemporary dance, to incredibly talented stilt walkers, we have something to inspire you and engage you. 

This year we have 2 main performance areas- The Clocktower in Jephson gardens, and Mill Performance in Mill Gardens


BRINK Contemporary arts

live painting

Saturday & Sunday  

Hitchman Fountain

Providing high quality mural artists for the festival since 2014, BRINK are proud to be back this year painting inside the parks. Sit back, enjoy the music and watch the live art develop.


Flamenco (4).jpg

Anna Flamenco 

street dance with ocean bell-grey Flash Mob

Saturday 10:30am 

clock tower


Anna Davies has been passionate about Flamenco dancing for over 15 years. Having studied Flamenco in Birmingham, London, Spain and Cuba, Anna is a talented and adept performer who will have you completely enthralled.

LWAD new brand logo 2018 white background smaller.jpg

LWAD – Leamington and Warwick Academy of Dance

local performance

saturday 11:30am

clock tower

A performance of Local children from 5 years old and up solo and duets. 

Penny photo (1).jpeg

vital moves Freedom Soul  Flash mob

Saturday 1:00pm


Attend the workshop in Mill Gardens then join in this 

high energy dance focusing on fun! The dance is about freedom of self, happiness and joy.


Workshop Saturday 12:00pm & 3:00pm Mill Gardens


vital moves salsa Flashmob

Saturday 2:00pm


Authentic Cuban movement and rhythms.
There are some things in life that are impossible not to smile about - and a Cuban-Style Dance Workshop with Alain Hernandez is one of them. The combination
of Alain’s infectious smile and unique teaching style which guarantees everyone’s success makes these workshops an unmissable experience, whatever your dance ability.


Workshop Saturday 1:00 & 4:30pm in Mill Gardens 

IMG_1607 2.jpg

vital moves Bollywood Flash mob



Bringing flavours of India with Bhangra-Bollywood fusion dance. Attend the workshop to join in or just sit back and be entranced by the beauty


Workshop Saturday 


SpOt Drama ILEAP Group 

Saturday 2:30pm


The SpOt Drama ILEAP group are a group of young people and adults with additional needs and/or Autism, they meet twice a week in Warwick and Stratford Upon Avon, giving them the opportunity to be creative together as a group. This year they will be sharing their creativity with Art in the Park performing to audiences and bystanders about what it really means to be present, with comical sketches and movement pieces devised by the group and simply improvised!


The ILEAP Charity aims to create a level playing field for vulnerable young people and adults with additional needs so that they can safely access the local community alongside friends old and new, raising awareness of disability along the way. Check out the ILEAP Marketability Stall on the Charity Field for more info and a friendly chat.



Saturday 4:00pm

Mill Gardens 

Modern lifestyles can be glossy, competitive and obsessed with the consumerist ideal of owning more things, but raw human connections can be as polished and fake as the grinning nuclear family in a cereal advert. We are as packed and prepared as the things we own, ready for unrelenting judgement in the court of social media. When happiness becomes confused with owning more things, we start to become things ourselves.


Through movement, theatre, song and integrated BSL, “For The Love of Stuff” tells a story of a fantastical future world where the stuff we own has become more important than what we feel. A story of redemption and hope, aiming to leave audiences moved, thrilled and inspired by its visual vibrancy, physicality and emotional breadth.



Motionhouse Youth Group 

Sunday 3:00pm


Motionhouse Youth’s performance at Art in the Park will see the talented young performers from Motionhouse’s youth company using a set of oversized blocks which the professional company have used in multiple productions. Based on a theme of support within relationships, the blocks are embedded within the choreography, moved by the performers to create new environments to climb on and jump off, incorporating lifts and tricks in the Motionhouse style.



Sunday 12:30pm & 2:30pm


Gravity combines hand to hand acrobatics with Motionhouse’s signature contact choreography. Using breath-taking balances and extraordinary trust, Gravity sees two white-clad performers in an evocative exploration of weightlessness and zero gravity. An overwhelming sense of isolation underlies the precise, haunting choreography.

Autin Dance Theatre - Out of the Deep Blue Dani Bower.jpg

out of the Deep Blue 

Sunday 2:00pm & 4:30pm 


Waves wash Eko, a sentient Sea Giant, onto the shore. There he encounters little Violet. These two beings - an ancient creature, and a young girl - offer us their stories with an impactful dialogue around our earth’s climate emergency told through dance, movement and masterful puppeteering. Ideal for children and family audiences. It is a story about the power of friendships and empathy that speaks to the world at large.


Throughout the weekend we’ve secured an amazing line-up of exciting, creative and innovative performers who are ready to entertain you. They’ll be wandering around all areas of the parks at various times. Below is just a taste of what you may come across. 



Stilt Walkers are highly skilled performers with unique costumes.
Grab yourself a photo with this incredible stilt walker at this year’s festival. Stilt Man is
particularly good at dancing on stilts and running – why not offer him a race?

olly hewett; charlie mackay; colleen hedley; kimberly bradshaw (photo credits_ david fawbe

Heart Break Production​

Pumproom Gardens 

Saturday 3pm 

Calling all Shakespeare lovers! You are invited to take part in a unique experiment that will answer the question keeping literary scholars up at night... which play is the best the Bard has to offer? Help us to decide by being part of an exciting, new theatre competition Will of the People. In Round One, we’ll be pitting Macbeth, Hamlet, and King Lear against each other, as some of the finest actors (that we can afford!) make their case for why their tragedy should be performed that evening, to win a place in the next round of the competition. 


Heartbreak Productions invites you to come and cast your vote at the battle of the Bard. Performed in the open-air, MacHamLear is a farcical piece of new writing from award-winning playwright Michael Davies that shamelessly exploits the genius of England’s most celebrated writer. Grab your copy of the Complete Works, a chair/blanket, weather appropriate gear, and a few nibbles, and prepare to be tickled pink as the three iconic plays are performed with passion, pep, and punch.  

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