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Charity APPLICATION 2024

Please fill in the following form by 11pm on 31 Jan 2024 to apply to be part of Art in the Park 2024. Ensure you have answered all required questions (these are shown by *). If there is an error on this form when you come to submit, the particular question will be highlighted in red.


We get lots of requests each year for Charities to have a stall at Art in the Park. As our event is mostly about promoting arts/artists, we have a selection process for non-artist/charity stalls. Please complete the following questions and our Operational Team/Board of Directors will make a decision by March 2024, we will notify you if you have a place. 

If you have any queries about the application process please do contact Louise

Prices this year are as follows: 

3x3 £70 for the weekend- Bring your own Gazebo


We have some questions to learn a little more about what you do.  Please answer below, keeping within the 150 word limit.

Please now upload up to 3 high-quality images of you for marketing materials
maximum size 1MB.

Upload Image 1 *
Upload Image 2
Upload Image 3

Please now check that you have filled in every question on this form and then press submit below. It will take up to a minute on a fast connection, and even more on a slow connection to upload images. If there is an error with the form a red error message will appear below the submit box and you can scroll up the form to see which question is causing the error, otherwise you will be taken to a thank you page if all is fine with the form.


Please double check these common issues if you are having problems;

  • Ensure all required answers indicated by * are filled in

  • Max file size for uploading your work is 1MB, if you need to reduce, use an image compressor website.

  • Give your internet time to upload, it might just take a while if you don't have very fast services.


At Art in the Park we take data protection and security seriously. By submitting this form, you are consenting to the practices listed in our GDPR policy and have understood that your personal information may be used in accordance with it.

Please note our terms and conditions can be found here


Thank you.

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