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Rosa Spring Bib Necklaces

The Lovers Mixed Media Earrings

The Lovers Mixed Media Earrings

Clamshell Art Deco Necklace


My ethos is to create affordable, wearable and above all well-designed jewellery using a range of materials and techniques. I love to expose my customers to unusual pieces with interesting stories that speak to their interests and my own influences. As my tagline says, I make 'bold jewellery for bold people'. My customers are very diverse, encompassing all genders, ages and ethnicities, so it was important to me to use the word 'people' rather than 'women' when I was setting out my brand ethos.


My influences are varied. I collect vintage costume jewellery and I'm a 'pan-crafter', so techniques are really interesting to me. I'm inspired by 20th century art and design history - I studied BA History of Art and have always been fascinated with the fast paced changes that occurred during this century. These influences are visible in my Art Deco inspired pieces such as the fan studs that are based on 1920's wall sconces, and in mid-century work such as the Rosa necklace that is adapted from kitsch 1950's wallpaper designs. In 2023 I launched a retro range of stud earrings based on nostalgic products from the 1980's and 90's which was very popular with teens and older millennials alike.


I'm really interested in materials and how they work - I'm probably a frustrated engineer at heart! I try to use materials in combination wherever possible, so I'll choose solid walnut wood for it's grain texture alongside smooth acrylic and hand-painted details. I hand draw all of my designs before cutting them on a laser cutter. I take quality and testing seriously, making sure that my construction works in practice as well as on the page. The materials I use - wood, acrylic, brass, paint - are not generally considered 'fine' in the way that precious metals are, however their properties enable me to experiment with form, texture and colour in a way that wouldn't be possible with traditional materials.

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