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Vina Panchal Art








My mission is to bring happiness and peace to everyone. Allowing them to feel the stresses of life melt away by immersing the audience into my art and finding a little of themselves in them. Being inclusive and showing passion, peace and love.

Whether it is for someones home, office, gym, public spaces, corporate companies. I would love my art to bring a sense of thinking, inspire people to think what does this art mean to them.

I rarely like to stick to one subject as love to explore many different subject, from meadows, portraits, religious art, contemporary art. This can be shown in my work. The main theme is my work is abstract. I want the viewer to immerse themselves and find what they love about the art work keep them unique and special no matter what the subject.


My inspiration is life itself and experience that life brings.

I really enjoy bringing the colours that surround me, I love using a splatter effect almost showing perfection and imperfection.

There are many artists that I admire below are naming a few; Brent Estabrook, Mr Brainwash, Paul Kenton, Damien Hurst are just a few names.


I have worked with various materials over the years from clay, plaster of Paris to canvas paper and stretched canvases. The main material I prefer now is canvas using brushes, palette knife as my main tools. 

I enjoy using acrylics from heavy body to fluid. Incorporating texture using Gels and modelling paste into work. Some of my art pieces also include Gold/ Silver leaf.

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