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Walk by the Canal and River by Judith Heilbronn-Crown

Walk by the Canal and River by Judith Heilbronn-Crown

Anstruther by Vincent Stroud

Anstruther by Vincent Stroud

Demeter ll by Verity Clark

Demeter ll by Verity Clark


The UK Colour Pencil Society was formed in 2001 with the aims of encouraging the use of colour pencils as an art medium. The society currently has 800+ members, mainly resident in the UK, but also a large contingent of members from throughout the world. In June 2018, the society was granted charity status.

The aims of the society are achieved by the use of public exhibitions of colour pencil works, attending UK art festivals, and providing advice and instruction via social media sites and its website. The Society publishes a full-colour magazine at 4 issues per year, and provides financial support to UK art groups employing UKCPS artists, in the form of grant aid.

Membership of the society is open to all regardless of standing. Our members range from beginners to full time professionals, and membership is available to artists throughout the world.


Visitors to UKCPS events and exhibitions are constantly amazed by the effects that can be achieved by the humble colour pencil. The most often comment is “I didn’t know you could do that in colour pencil “. At Art in the Park there will be demonstrations of colour pencil art, examples of work by UKCPS artists, plus information and advice on the use of colour pencils.


The society does not seek to promote any particular brand of colour pencil, but members will usually have particular favourites, both in the brand of pencil used and also in the type of paper used as the support.

Although all the UK Colour Pencil Society members use Colour Pencils, every artist will use a different variety of pencils and surfaces. Some work is hyper-realistic, some is abstract or imaginative, and feature a wide variety of techniques. Art works produced by members include Still Life, Botanical, Wild Animals, Pets, Portraits and Landscapes.

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