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Tomas Rowell









Tomas Rowell’s work can be characterised as a mutual application of intuitive markings alongside variations of space, colour and form.

There is a structure applied through the use of dramatic colour and geometric shapes that implements a sense of harmony through abstraction. Colour and form give resolution to the gestural marking within the work, offering a ritualistic process for the artist.

The relative white space is as a chance to direct the eye and to leave a sense of hypnotic unfamiliarity when persistently viewing the work, no matter the medium.


Process conquers within the work, acting as an experimentation into the fundamental features of abstraction and removing any external embodiment. The challenge lies in what is not added to the work, bringing construction to a destructive platform of abstraction. The intuitive has a focus on the spontaneous movement of the brush itself over the application to the surface.


Rowell has been working with paint since graduation, but in recent months have decided to expand not only the scale of his work, but the material the work is applied on. This has led to an exploration in areas such as tote bags, ceramics and clothing, leading as far as an explosion of colour in his mural work. The clear desire to test the boundaries of his practice has not only been explored through new mediums, but shown through the use of screen printing and original paintings. There is a constructive element to the work with each layer applied having to work in unison, to create a final result with vibrancy and balance.

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