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Tom Godwin Art





Cathedral Sunrise

Cathedral Sunrise



River Bank

River Bank


My work focuses on creating views of the future for the viewer to interpret in their own personal way. I use a range of techniques and media to create futuristic landscapes or structures. Some of my work contains a reoccurring black orb. I see this as being a universal depiction of the unknown as well as being a signature image of science fiction. I see my work as visual explorations into the future and what it might hold. My work asks questions without providing answers, I leave that part to the viewer. Strong and powerful visual imagery is an important aspect of my work, I am naturally drawn to visually strong art and this is something I present in my work.


I take most the inspiration for my imagery from different forms of science fiction. Films such as “2001 a space odyssey” have been very influential on the creation of my imagery as well as novels by the author Kurt Vonnegut specifically “The Sirens of Titan”. I am fascinated with the different ways in which the future is interpreted and how it can range from utopia to apocalyptic. The work of Richard Orchardson has been very influential in the development of my practice, I find his approach to the future to be very intriguing and inspiring.

The use of colour is also a very important aspect of my work. I am really interested in the way different colours can evoke different emotions and the way people attach personal memories to colours. “Chroma” by Derek Jarman has become very influential in my interpretation of colour and the way I use it in my work.


Photography makes up a large amount of my practice. My process merges both analogue film photography and digital post processing to achieve the final result. This acts as a merging between the future and the past within the medium of photography and links in with the focus of my practice. I also use collage to create futuristic landscapes. I use a mix of found images and my own photography to create the final pieces. I have also recently been working a lot with digital infrared photography to distort the landscapes around me and create my work.

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