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Vibes of Blue

Vibes of Blue

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TAP Art is a trinity of friends who met at local art class. We are excited to showcase our artworks and share the beauty and mindfulness of art.

Whilst we each have individual artistic passions, mediums and inspirations from which we’ve drawn to produce our art pieces, the three of us share a zeal to inspire others, express ourselves and hopefully, bring art to many more people’s homes.


Tamarah garners inspiration from the thoughts, feelings and emotions that resonate in daily life. She draws from her Middle Eastern heritage to convey passion and intensity throughout her multi layered paintings,

Alice is a visual story teller, skilled artist and illustrator, creating in a range of styles and mediums under the name: Lythop. Alice, based in south Warwickshire, has a wonderful eye for detail and draws inspiration from a range of artists and artistic periods.

Based from a small studio in Leamington Spa, Paul is an aspiring local artist, taking inspiration from the dynamism, breadth of shapes and colourfulness of the natural world to create impactful, larger artwork pieces.


Tamarah often uses acrylic paint and physical accessories, alongside pallete knife techniques to create texture and dimension of shape in her work. Alongside painting, Tamarah is a skilled and avid maker of beautiful cushions.

Alice is a skilled, versatile artist, working in a variety of styles and mediums, with a particular penchant for working on small scale & miniature art works.
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Paul’s pieces are crafted with broad brush strokes and pallete knife work and convey vibrancy, energy and passion, and likes to draw inspiration from nature’s breadth of colour.

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