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Little Orchard Glass






Flower Meadow Heart Suncatcher

Coral Bowl

Coral Bowl

Cottages by the Sea


I aim to share my love of art and glass by creating beautiful pieces of fused glass; some are purely decorative whilst others are functional too. I hope they bring people pleasure and allow them to reminisce of their “happy” places & times – by the sea or enjoying a walk through a flower filled meadow for example. As such many of my pieces are either coastal or floral themed.
My mission is to continue to develop my technique and style. I absolutely love experimenting and glass is the perfect medium for that!


I draw my inspiration from nature, colour and light.
I love spending time outdoors: in my garden, on walks in the countryside and woods or by the sea in summer. Daily walks with my four-legged friend also allow me to observe the gentle change in the seasons. All of this is a continuous source of inspiration and creative ideas for my glass.
I love the way light is transmitted through glass. As such I enjoy making standalone pieces in transparent glass which create beautiful reflections when either the sun or a light shines through them.


I work with fused glass. Every piece starts with a cold flat sheet of high quality art glass. I cut and shape the glass according to my design to create a two-dimensional piece. I use other forms of glass and inclusions (e.g. crushed glass, glass powders, copper foil, silver flakes …) to add depth and interest. Each piece is then fused in my kiln at temperatures reaching 800 degrees Celsius, a process that typically takes around 22 hours. Three-dimensional pieces such as dishes or waves require a second firing over a ceramic mould to give them their shape and this is known as slumping.
My range includes framed pictures, freestanding waves and suncatchers, which play beautifully with light, as well as coral bowls, tealight holders and coasters.

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