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Sue Reeves






Bay Horse

Golden Hare

Golden Hare



My main vision for my work is that I enjoy the process, hoping others may enjoy the art I create and hopefully to inspire.
I'm an illustrator something I've been doing for nearly 30 years, working with 'Bright Art agency' in London, so my work is mainly produced digitally these days, quite detailed in style, but I love to get back to painting by hand on a larger scale, the freedom of capturing my imagination to share with others.


My inspiration arrives from everywhere, from nature, the obvious, the not so obvious and my imagination, the later something that I want to in indulge in more with my work, changing as I change with age, trying different approaches as I go.


I love to work with oils and acrylics, sometimes together for affect, building up paintings.
As an illustrator my work tends to be very detailed on a smaller scale, something which I am trying not to do with my painting, but it always seems to be drawn back to details, trying as I might to be looser and less restricted, hopefully my work will always be changing in directions I've yet to explore.

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