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Bottle Art

Doodle Art

Doodle Art

Small Canvas on easle


To make the best out of the waste and make the space we live in & the place around us have a sensory soothing ambience and elevate the aura by having artistically beautiful decorative objects around, which are both stimulating and attractive.

I paint on bottles of different shapes and sizes for home decor and transform these from a mere recycle waste to an object of beauty which one would love to grace their home with. The designs are based on folk art which brings out different cultures and also other designs like floral, geometric, Moroccan, scenery etc.

I also paint small canvases, make handmade greeting cards and handmade bookmarks which gives a personal touch.


The beauty of nature is my inspiration and painting the beauty of nature and the different forms of art is my passion.


I paint bottles and canvases with acrylic. I also make handmade greeting cards and bookmarks with water colour, pastels and acrylic.

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