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Stuart Feurtado LRPS



The teeth of the wind

Red Kite on the prowl

Red Kite on the prowl

Ouse at Oundle


For me photography is not just record of something in front of me, it’s the door to the creative process, allowing me to break the world down into manageable portions which engage and challenge my mind, and in doing so engage, and, on occasion, challenge the viewer as well. I want others to see the world in a new and exiting ways..


My work is wide ranging and inspired by both manmade and natural forms and colours. I love the feeling of the creative processes involved in producing a work of art, and I strive to make my photographs just that, art. I want to be able to, and do, hang them on my walls at home. From the seeking out interesting shapes, beautiful vistas, wildlife etc. to the final printing and framing, I take care to make my images engaging to me. I hope that in doing this I make the work engaging to you, the viewer, as well.


My tools are a digital camera and lenses and editing software. I use in-camera techniques and editing tools as I think appropriate to create the images I show. Some images may not look “natural” but they represent what I saw in my minds’ eye when pressing the shutter button on my camera. I print, mount and frame most images myself using archival paper, inks and mountboard, and utilise my Gliese quality 12 ink printer. Frames are bought in from a professional framing company. I outsource the printing and framing of my largest images from a professional printer and framer.

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