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Stacey Marie Tomkinson, Jonny Nicholds





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Stacey - Spring Hare

Stacey - Spring Hare

Stacey -Rusty

Stacey -Rusty

Jonny - Dylan Thomas

Jonny - Dylan Thomas


Stacey - I grew up and still live in a small Warwickshire village. As a child, I was always drawing and painting. Following my passion I attended Art College achieving distinctions. I went onto study Fashion at Derby University in 1999. After Leaving full time education to settled down to have my family whom. With their encouragement, I picked up a paintbrush again and have not looked back since. I have been overwhelmed and eternally grateful with the positive reception of my work

Jonny - I will always strive to make art that roots the viewer to the spot in shock and beauty.
I want to create a spell in a jewel, an object with hidden meaning, symbols and mystery.
I want the object I create to be a riddle that may or may not be figured out.
I want to make marks using many different materials on good quality plywood, then I want use sandpaper to edit the chaos to reveal subtle tones and textures.
I want to create till my time runs out.


Stacey - The awesomeness of nature is my main inspiration especially the northern hemisphere. I love being out in the elements, exploring nature and taking many photographs to capture the moment. Leave me in a wide-open silent space, the wind blowing, the clouds changing, water running close by and I am in heaven. Water is particular fascination of mine and can be found in much of my mixed media work.

Jonny- I am inspired by Norman Rockwell, klimt, Vladimir Tretchikoff, Faberge, Alberto Giacometti
I love the grain of wood and what happens to it when good quality paint is swept on to it and sanded off.
I'm inspired by, comic books, Sigils, the occult and symbolism.
I'm at my most happy when in a trance using all i've spoken of above to create a spell which i see as the finished painting and even happier doing all this with other artists by my side.


Stacey - As a mixed media, artist and im not contained to one pacific medium. I enjoy using pencil crayons for more restricted work, particularly when drawing animals. However, I also love experimentation on a larger scale. I use paints, costume jewellery, glues and fabrics for my canvas’s in order to give a feast for the eyes.

Jonny - I work on plywood with pencil, charcoal, acrylic and oil paints
I build up up many layers and then sand away. this creates the required depth for me backgrounds.

The foregrounds are created using pencils and charcoals, then finished with coloured lacquers

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