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Soma Folk Art






Bageecha (The Garden)



Morning Meditation


Soma Folk Art is more than just a creative expression for me, it's a journey that intertwines tradition with modernity, transcending cultural boundaries. My mission is to breathe new life into ancient techniques, infusing them with contemporary perspectives.

My mission is to craft vibrant narratives through my art, painting colorful stories that resonate with the human experience. I aspire to provoke thought and reflection, creating a space where joy and contemplation coexist. With every artwork, my goal is to bring a smile to people's faces, infusing positivity and happiness into their lives. Through this journey of artistic expression, I aim to connect with individuals, fostering a shared experience that transcends boundaries and uplifts the human spirit.


I have been doing Indian Folk Art for more than six years now. I love mixing traditional patterns and motifs with modern elements. I am inspired by Madhubani, Alpana, Warli and Indian Miniature style of art. My works are inspired from Indian Mythology, my own childhood and family and social issues.I have exhibited and sold my original artworks in various galleries and museums across Midlands ,UKI really like drawing human figures, nature and architectures in my own style.

Through my work, I seek to share the essence of Indian mythology, folk tales, my personal childhood experiences, and reflections on family, friendship and love. Each artwork is a tale that shaped my childhood, my experiences as an adult and a beautiful future that I look forward to.


I specialize in using a variety of artistic mediums, including Gouache, pigment ink on Watercolour Paper, and Procreate for digital creations. My art is characterized by its vivid and vibrant color palette, which adds a dynamic and lively dimension to my work.

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