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Selby Jonathan Ceramics






Large Earthenware Jugs

Stoneware Mugs

Stoneware Mugs

Earthenware Bottle Vases


I am passionate about my art and take tremendous pride in making my pieces accessible to those who appreciate it. My work is all thrown on the potters wheel and includes functional work and one off pieces and therefore I am able to appeal to a wide audience. I also strive to continue to develop my work by regularly introducing new designs.
In addition to making ceramics, I also have enormous passion for teaching ceramics and I regularly deliver workshops and demonstrate potting skills at charity events


I take my inspiration from traditional studio pottery making techniques combined with contemporary design. My early influences included Hans Coper and Lucy Rie. However, more recently, I am inspired by today's younger generation of ceramic artists and being a member of Leamington Studio Artists has also inspired me by seeing other forms of art.


All my work is thrown on the potters wheel and I work in both earthenware and stoneware. Whilst it can be described as functional, it is also very unique in design. My pallet consists of many coloured slips and engobes resulting in strong vibrant colours. My stoneware work incorporates patina like glazes

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