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Taylor Rose Jewellery






Fresh Water Pearl set

Fresh Water Pearl set

Labradorite half moon stud earrings

Labradorite half moon stud earrings

Labradorite sheild pendant and earrings

Labradorite sheild pendant and earrings


My mission with Taylor Rose Jewellery is to create unique, vintage inspired jewellery that is timeless, affordable, and sustainable.
Each piece is designed by myself, then handmade using recycled 925 Sterling Silver and coated in 18ct Gold. We only create 15 of each piece to ensure our jewellery is meaningful to its new owner and with our timeless vintage designs never goes out of style, and because we use natural gemstones each piece that is created is totally individual.
I try as much as possible to run a sustainable business, our Sterling Silver is recycled, and all our packaging is eco-friendly, recyclable and we are part of an eco-alliance with our packaging suppliers. It was important to me to not only create beautiful products, but the business to run sustainably.


Taylor Rose Jewellery's inspiration is all things vintage jewellery. Stunning Art Deco shapes, deep gold colours and natural gemstones all go into what makes Taylor Rose Jewellery unique. I always wanted to design pieces which were inspired by my Gran's incredible jewellery collection (it really was the collection of dreams!!), but bought up to date with timeless designs, and by using Gold Vermeil- at a price available to everyone.


All my designs are vintage inspired and have a nod to the incredible jewellery makers and designs of the past. Each design is hand sketched then translated into a CAD design for final amendments and approval. The designs are then 3D printed and cast into wax. Our recycled Sterling Silver is then poured into the moulds to create a silver mould of each piece. These are then hand filed, coated in 18ct Gold, and our natural gemstones are handset into each piece. After a good polish our jewellery is ready to go!

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