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Sandra Wadkin






Fractured Bowie 7

Fractured Joker colour

Fractured Joker colour



My mission for this year is create art that gets people talking about techniques and artistic styles. I’m looking to show my new work to get some feedback


As a black artist I found when doing my dissertation research at university there is still an expectation for black artists to create work that relates to black cultural history .I was born in the UK and brought up in the 70s and 80s on music and American TV shows and British comedy that’s been cancelled so I make work that reflects on this. My work challenges the ideals of celebrity and the culture I grew up in. I’m also adding some new work,an amalgamation of fluid alcohol inks combined with drawing digitally on an iPad .


I use acrylic paint for my fractured paintings . Sketching out a portrait first then picking out form light and shade selectively . The image is then reassembled and transferred to canvas where it’s filled in with paint .

For my alcohol ink paintings I make a basic ink painting and scan it to my iPad where I alter it and add to it to create new original images

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