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Leamington Spa Lady

Retro Barbie

Retro Barbie

Clarice Cliff


My overall vision is to supply affordable art. Creative detailed work with a retrospective punch that brings to life vivid moments from my favourite passions and interests in high quality fine art prints and accessories. I aim to achieve this by selling at events and trade shows, supplying to stockists and by having an online presence.


I take my inspiration for my designs from Warwickshire, Old Hollywood, Music, Fashion, Art Deco, everything Retro and my furry Creative Director Willow! Whom I share daily walks with.


Every piece of my art starts with a pencil and paper. I sometimes scan my illustrations in to the computer and digitally colour my work with digital paint brushes that I have created.
I also use traditional methods in particular water colour paints. I also like to use mixed media techniques such as paper and beads on my finished art. As a graphic designer I also like to create my own topography and mix it in with my illustrations.

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