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Rugby Artist & Makers/UK Artists






Ije - Succession of remembered symmetries

Clare Pentalow

Clare Pentalow

BCSilver - Falling Leaves


We are bringing together the Rugby Artists & Makers Network alongside UK Artists. AiTP allows us to bring a selection of artists under one roof, building our sense of community and opportunities to engage the public.
This year we have 5 artists, all venturing into new areas of their media, building on their experience and striving to stretch their skills and what can be achieved within their art medium.
UK Artists was created in 2010 and grew out of a regional online gallery, it has grown to cover both local and wider UK based hand-selected artists. An online gallery to purchase work and exhibitions regularly occur.
Rugby Artists & Makers network began in 2018, a place to support creativity & share knowledge. Opportunities to exhibit began in 2021 and now occur on a regular basis, alongside monthly network meetings and opportunities to showcase within Art at the Alex in Rugby.


Our artists take their inspiration from a diverse range of areas in life and nature. Expressions of colour, light & form are explored, with both abstract and real-life expressions of nature and human life.
We have an artist inspired by patterns in nature, exploring the possibilities of paper, an ordinary material into something extraordinary. Another artist using natures inspiration from woodland to the ocean to shape precious metals. A textile artist with a fascination for regeneration and renewal, using inspiration from the natural environment and the outdoors. A ceramicist whose inspiration comes from faces and the stories behind them. Finally, a sculpture and painter expressing a sensuous exploration of metaphysical and material realities.
This is the reason we love to bring a range of artists together in one place. For you to experience a diverse range of art, and for us to hear each other inspirations.


Come and speak with our artists and find out how and why they use the medium they do. Clare can tell you of her use of paper. Hand cutting and folding creating ever more intricate pieces of art.
Jo can tell you of her use of Sterling & Fine Silver, saw piercing, hammers & more, to make wearable jewellery, statement pieces & 3D objects.
Ije can talk you through her use of mixed media, photography and words to produce her sculptures, installations and paintings.
Deborah will talk Textiles. Bright coloured, home dyed, preloved & new fabrics used to produce deckchair slings, seat coverings and cushions to name a few. Alongside her use of paint to produce entangled plant images.
Jenny will tell you of ceramics & mixed media used to produce her thought-provoking figurative sculpture and wall art.
Do come & chat and ask questions,

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