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Rugby Artists & Makers



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Clare Pentlow Artwork

Clare Pentlow Artwork

Beautiful Cloth Saori

Beautiful Cloth Saori

Silver Arrow & Woodturned Apple-BlackCatSilver

Silver Arrow & Woodturned Apple-BlackCatSilver


Within the Rugby Artist & Makers network we aim to support creativity and makers from a range of media, we currently have over 100 members. We bring together both established artists and those just beginning their journey. We aim to share knowledge and love of the arts alongside opportunities to exhibit. Our first exhibition of the year ‘Full Spectrum’ is currently running at Rugby Art Gallery & Museum with over 40 artists.
Art in the Park allows us to bring a selection of artists under one roof, building our sense of community and opportunities to engage the public. All artists listed are venturing into new areas of their media, building on skills, experience and striving to stretch their skills and what can be achieved within their art medium.


Our artists group take inspiration from a range of areas. Nature features strongly with most of our artists, drawing on patterns that appear in nature from the woodland to the oceans that surround us. Expressions of colour and light are explored, and both abstract and real-life expressions of nature occur within our artists group. We also have an artist inspired by clean lines with sparkle.


Within the group we have an artist who uses natural fibres & materials to weave intuitively, practicing a Japanese free form called Saori. Regularly teaching workshops.
Another artist uses paper, hand cutting and folding to create ever more intricate pieces of art, making an ordinary material into something extraordinary. An acrylic and pencil artist creates detailed animal portraits and also encourages others to try acrylics with her workshops.
We have jewellers working in Fine and Sterling Silver & Resin, crafting both wearable jewellery and statement pieces. Alongside venturing into silver sculpture pieces. We also have a silk painter and ceramic artist making functional vessels, eco printed lamp shades and decorative work.

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