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Robert Shuttleworth Photography






Berlin Tramshed

Berlin Tramshed

Skye Landscape

Skye Landscape

Manchester Wall

Manchester Wall


To convey the human impact on the landscape beyond conventional imagery, and show an alternative beauty. Industrial remains & how nature reclaims; abandoned places; urban back streets and the less regulated parts of town; the man-made emptiness of mountain and moor. To create images that inspire a sense of awe, wonder and sometimes humour of these places.


My personal inspiration comes from a love of geography, and a love of walking in the landscape or through a city. In particular the sense of scale, the changes to landscape over time, the new and the old juxtaposed, that which we know altered, even torn down and the reinvention of places. From this I am inspired to challenge the traditional views as to what landscape should look like.

I am equally inspired, often provoked, by writers and artists (painters, filmmakers) who convey the emptiness of, and create an abstraction of landscape. Similarly urban writers and painters who get under the skin of towns and cities.


At the very best moments I become lost in creating an image so it is vital that the use of my camera feels intuitive. As such I use a make that harks back to analogue dials - no push buttons to distract!

I prefer not to manipulate the image too heavily in post processing, aiming to create the image at the moment as I take the photograph. Thus what you see is how I saw and felt at the time I created the image.

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