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Hand Cut Originals by Richard Webb




Deco Forest

Deco Forest

Cathedral View

Cathedral View




I see my art as a journey and I like to keep moving things along. The twists and turns en route the way are what makes things interesting! I want to keep evolving and developing my style and to continue exploring and seeking inspiration whenever and wherever it presents itself! So If it means going off piste now and again then great!


The funny thing about inspiration is it normally pops up without any notice or invitation! But typically, my art is inspired by nature, life and culture.

My hand cut style is infused with many influences, including lino and wood cut and retrospective styles like Art Deco for example. Invariably, my experience in design and branding has gone some way to influence the bold simplicity which is indicative of my style.

Often than not, when I am out and about, like cycling or walking in the countryside for example, I often stop and just snap something on my phone that has grabbed by attention. It could be a scenic or an interesting composition, or perhaps the way light is affecting something or even just a texture or colour.


In general terms, my approach is to combine hand cut layers using paper, card and mixed media . My main tool is my trusty scalpel which is my paint brush or pencil so to speak! I experiment with a variety of materials, papers and textures which I bring together to create my art. Creating the layers used in my compositions often involves various processes. These can involve different painting textures or working with sheet metals for example. Simplicity underpins much of what I do and my approach is to strip or distill down typically complex subject matter into its simplest form.

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