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Richard Webb - Hand Cut Originals






Gold Tree

The Moon and the Sea

The Moon and the Sea



I really just want to create nice art which people can connect with and enjoy (and keep wanting to buy of course!)

Inspiration is the tonic for creativity! So It’s always nice if I can inspire someone in someway with my art!

I also want to keep moving forward in developing my art and to continue exploring and pushing the boundaries when and wherever I can.


My hand cut style is infused with many influences, including lino and wood cut and retrospective styles like Art Deco for example. I also think my experiences in design and branding have probably gone some way to influence the bold graphic simplicity which is indicative of my style.

Most of my ideas come from nature I guess but I find that Inspiration generally pops up without notice or invitation! More often than not, a seedling for an idea can come something that I have snapped on my phone or made a note of whilst I’ve been out and about. Some ideas come easy and some become long days in the studio before I can put scalpel to paper!


My approach is to combine hand cut layers using paper, card and mixed media using my trusty scalpel!. I like to experiment with a variety of materials and methods. This might include hand-painting paper perhaps or flame-painting and burnishing sheet metals as another example.

Typically, the black layer featured in the majority of my works creates the framework to the composition. This is then combined with the other layers using adhesive to create a composite. I often refer to the comparison of a stained glass window and its construction as a similar way of working.

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