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Frames & Sign

Frames & Sign



Clay Trinket Dishes

Clay Trinket Dishes


I have been making items using clay and resin for many years – I get so much joy from crafting and selling my items at local events.

My mission is to simply share my love of all things handcrafted, colourful and joyful that we see in everyday life.


I take inspiration from everything around me – flowers and nature, the sky, the sea, architecture, food and colour. I love to incorporate things into my work and people enjoy seeing the different elements within my work.


I work with polymer clay and resin. I can incorporate so many items into resin – flowers, shells, sand, foils, powders, paint, inks, stickers, even food! With clay, I stamp into the clay to create texture. I often add colour – in the form of powders, inks, paint, foils, and these are finished with resin or varnish to protect the elements within the clay. What is fantastic about these mediums is that they create beautiful unique pieces. What I love is that I’m always learning new techniques with both clay and resin which is what makes them so interesting to work with.

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