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Ladies at the festival

Blue jays in autumn

Blue jays in autumn

Dragons in Thailand


My vision is to demystify art and make it more accessible to everyone. I want to dispel the belief that one must be a skilled artist to create art. In the world of art, there are no strict standards for what is considered good or bad. It's all about personal interpretation. Art is omnipresent, and I find great joy in nurturing the creativity of young people. Witnessing their boundless imagination unleashed when barriers are removed is truly inspiring.


Since my modest beginnings in 2007, starting with acrylics, I have joyfully explored the realms of watercolors, pastels, colored pencils, markers, and inks. My artwork is greatly influenced by my rich Indian heritage and vibrant culture, reflecting a kaleidoscope of colors. Being an enthusiastic gardener, I draw immense inspiration from the captivating beauty of nature, which is intricately woven into my art. My vision is to strike a harmonious balance between honing my drawing skills and leveraging graphic design techniques. In the past year, I have delved into the creative possibilities of Canva Pro, crafting picturesque collages using my original paintings and drawings.


I absolutely adore using watercolours for most of my illustrations and designs, as well as experimenting with different mediums for my acrylic pieces. Lately, I've been greatly inspired by the work of a talented artist based in New York, Denitza. In addition to my love for painting, I am also deeply passionate about origami and enjoy incorporating it into the cards I create. Furthermore, I've recently developed a strong interest in crafting 3D paper models and paper cut cards using my Cricut maker. It's worth noting that I personally design the creations using Cricut Design Space, while the machine takes care of the cutting process.

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