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Daisys in mid-century vase

Daisys in mid-century vase

House in the birch wood

House in the birch wood




I make bold and bright Linocut prints inspired by Mid-century design.
All my prints have been designed, hand carved into lino and handprinted on to high quality paper.
I make a wide range of designs from flowers and animals to geometric abstracts. I also print onto wood shapes such as birds and hearts and onto fabric which I make into small bags.


My inspiration is Mid-century design
And I would say I am hugely inspired by Textile designers of this period. My work is also inspired by my garden in which I grow a lot of wild flowers. These tend to work there way into my designs as well as the many birds that visit it.


I use Linocut for all my prints.
I hand carve the lino with my original design and using high quality oil based ink I hand roller this on to the lino. Most of my prints have several colours so each colour has a separate lino block. These are then printed on paper using a small roller press. Each block has to be lined up exactly to ensure each colour sits on top correctly.

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