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Penny Jane Designs






Cobweb Felted Flowers Spring Summer 2024

Green Woman

Green Woman

Sun Goddess Cape


My ethos is about slowing down and connecting both with nature and with ourselves. I aim to produce high quality textile pieces that I know have been created mindfully. Sometimes letting the process guide you while being in a contemplative space can produce surprising results within this medium. Learning to 'let go' and let the process guide me has been an important part of my artistic journey.


Like most of us I can be affected by the surroundings I am in so I try to place myself in nature whenever possible. I feel that nature has the power to uplift us, help us breathe and heal where needed. I have worked both alone and in groups, sometimes where themes of loss are very present. I am inspired by the colours and textures within the natural world and they are ever present within my work.


My pieces are predominately made from soft wool fibres which, when worked with soap and water become a piece of fabric known as handmade felt. This technique is a heritage craft and at least 6,000 years old. It still delights and fascinates me after all these years.

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