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Art by Paula Perry






Lochside Triptych

Lochside Triptych

Newborough Beach, Anglesey

Newborough Beach, Anglesey

Under the Water

Under the Water


My aim is to create affordable original art for people to enjoy in their homes. I seek to create work that allows individuals to be free to interpret and connect with the image in their own unique way; through use of colour, form and expression.


I am inspired by the colours and shapes of the natural world; anything from vast landscapes, seascapes and starscapes, to small details within flowers or plants. I am drawn to water and skies, and cannot put the colour blue down! Natural phenomena such as the Northern Lights and the weather and elements in general also inspire me, as does concern for environmental causes.


I use oil paints and oil mediums such as cold wax, linseed oil and liquin, sometimes over the top of an acrylic paint layer. I prefer to use palette knives and rags (and sometimes squeegees or random objects) to apply the oils rather than brushes, although I do have an extensive collection of those too and they come in useful on occasion! I like to work both 'wet on wet' (i.e. layering wet paint on wet paint) and 'wet on dry' to achieve different effects on the painting surface (canvas, paper, board, aluminium). My style is experimental and intuitive, and the paintings develop within themselves (I do not usually have an ‘end product’ in mind) starting with colours I am drawn to, and I take it from there.

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