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Patrick Hendry







The Alien Garden Box

Scrapwork Garden

Scrapwork Garden

The Gingerbread Dragon


I am 14 years old and I am autistic. I am a young artist and still exploring different mediums and styles, My favourites are sculpting and photography. Because I autistic I am shy with other people. I find it difficult to talk to people sometimes but I can express my ideas through my art.

I am very unorganised. My desk looks like a no man's land. I do have specific spots for different things. When I make art, I feel like I am making something properly alive. When I am making something I feel like I am making my ideas real. Taking them out of my head and into the clay. When I finish a piece I feel so satisfied. When I am not happy with my work, I try again and improve my creations learning from my mistakes.


I like to think that I am putting life into my art when I create things.

I get a lot of my ideas and concepts from watching artists online. I find interesting concepts, designs and intriguing themes. I am particularly inspired by the artist Stephanie Kilgast, who gave me the ideas for my alien garden series.

I love love working with vibrant colours. I like mystical and magical themes including dragons and flowers and plants from alien worlds.


I make pieces using polymer clay with other materials such as mirrors, boxes, jars and bottles. I also make pieces from items I have scavenged - such as as old jewellery, beads, buttons, bottles, bolts, charms and wire. I make all sorts of things, such as animals and flowers as well as geometric patterns.

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