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Nicholas Marsh





Disc on Basalt

Window on Basalt

Window on Basalt

Pitfired Bowl


My ultimate vision is to create and place some love into the world


I see myself as a maker of objects, my inspirations are broad and eclectic, the ones i find most alluring and inspirational are from global cultural history, where we are not sure of their function or use, my imagination remains open and keeps a sense of wonder for these pieces. I am drawn to the mystery where the primary motivator is the unknown, trying to find answers to questions that inevitably lead to more questions there is no final answer, I am attempting to create vehicles or vessels for the imagination to Journey with. I am in control of some aspects of the making but the final firing is something i can only influence and keeps the kiln opening an exciting event.


I work predominantly with clay, but a lot of the work could now be determined now as mixed media

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