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Cathy Renken,Neil Adcock




Open Throttle Art


Sheene in the Wet

Sheene in the Wet

A Long Way Home


Mission Statement:
My artistic mission is to combine my artistic skills, technical knowledge, and passion for engineering to create artwork that represents the beauty of modern and classic vehicles My work has been described as “Engineering Artistry” and much of my work has been commissioned by the owners of classic cars and motorcycles, with my work depicting their treasured vehicles. During the lock down period, I was able to expand my subject focus to include aircraft, maritime and historic rail with considerable success.
One of the most enjoyable elements of my work is attending shows and festivals. I enjoy sharing experiences with the vehicle owners and learning about what makes their vehicle unique to them. Then expressing that essence of the vehicle`s individual qualities in paint. I always demonstrate my painting skills live at events, it’s a way of engaging with the public and if youngsters are interested, I give them the chance to raise a paint brush and contribute to the work.
Sometimes I am approached with a faded, crumpled photo of a family member and their cherished classic vehicle. I am thrilled that families trust me with the task of transforming these battered images into a piece of art, that acts as a fitting tribute to their loved one for the family to enjoy for many years to come.


Artistic Inspiration:
My artistic inspiration is to create high quality artwork with automotive, aviation, maritime and historic rail themes. My work is highly detailed, expressing the artistic forms of these vehicles in a tribute to their designers and builders.
My key artistic inspiration are movement, speed, and detail. It gives me a real sense of achievement to impart that sense of speed within a painting whist retaining the detail necessary to identity the individual subject vehicles. It’s a balancing act I take great pleasure in performing.
My vision is to bringing delight to classic vehicle devotees. To achieve this by accurately depicting the form, and artistry of vehicle designs, and where composition allows, impart a sensation of speed. My work has been described as “Engineering Artistry”.


My media selection:
My main medium is oil on canvas. Oil paint gives me an opportunity to achieve a greater depth of texture and interaction with light in my work. In addition, fine linen canvases combined with the use of oil paints give an excellent level of clarity for the detail that I try and capture in my art.

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