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Ibis Dream Bringer

Ibis Dream Bringer

Peach Stones

Peach Stones


My mission is about finding voice – a means of seeking empowerment and personal development through visual freedom of expression. I would love to help others do the same. My vision is developing my skills to be able to offer classes, tuition, and generally try to inspire others, moving into larger studio space in future so I can share and offer more of my art and services – individually, collaboratively, and with community. My Age UK tutoring over 2022 has given me vital skills for that and been a great experience in working with groups to determine how I can help people individually and collectively. It’s all about play, discovering joy and taking up space to do what feels good in creative ways, which is healthy and necessary.


I am inspired by all kinds of subjects and nature, themes which often tend to be more subconscious. Playing with colour, texture and simply working through emotions and feelings to create something I hope is tangible and resonant. In turn I aim to inspire others to let go and try, and push out of their comfort zones. My tutoring with Age UK BRWF is part of my longterm aim to help others express themselves, and many of them have inspired me in return, particularly like one lady 80+ who is learning to draw for the first time and turns up committedly every week despite having mobility issues. I find that very inspiring.


I work in mixed media mostly now but it stems from the mark-making I did initially with ink and watercolour in wet-on-wet techniques. The colours I achieved were so vivid my mixed media works are a constant striving for similar levels of brightness and boldness. I play really, I don’t constrict the marks or how I do it, I’m aiming to be as open and authentic in the moment as I can be, which is being present to put my heart and soul into it. The themes that come up are a surprise and unplanned, they aren’t the prime focus, it’s the process that matters and the painting itself. In abstract terms I’ve heard it called ‘action painting’. It's all about expression.

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