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White Willow Art







Clock acorn and framed piece

Driftwood Dropper

Driftwood Dropper

Soap dish


I hope my ceramic leaf range helps people stay connected with nature, to bring inside a bit of the outside, to remind them of peaceful times, sitting in daisy-strewn meadows, or wandering through woods, or the joy of maintaining a garden; to re-connect to the natural world and its rhythms, in order to escape the frenetic pace of modern life.


Seeking solace from country walks, meandering through woods or working the soil and tending the plants at my allotment, means it has been a natural progression for me to start using leaves within my ever-expanding range of dishes, clocks, and artwork. The subtle tones of nature sit well on the creamy white of the earthenware clay I mould to make my creations, and the use of real leaves and flowers, ensures that every piece remains unique.


Working with clay is such a humbling occupation! You can create almost anything your mind wishes, but you can never underestimate the alchemical power of applying the heat of a kiln to them, and having to suspend your expectations, (secretly pray to the kiln gods, and cross your fingers…!) hoping all will be well once fired. To gain some level of control of this medium takes time, experimentation and patience. I have loved learning how my clay and glazes need to be treated in order to produce the results I desire. Finding designs that work and are cohesive as a collection has also taken time, and is always changing and adapting, as the understanding of my chosen medium is honed, and my creativity expands. All ceramicists will tell you of the trepidation and joy of opening the kiln, so I will never tire of the thrill of playing with mud!

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