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Max Kaiser, MacThreads






Four Seasons at the Allotment

Four Seasons at the Allotment

Textile Tile

Textile Tile

Canine Companions

Canine Companions


Creative team Tessa (MacThreads) & Max Kaiser, bring together a vibrancy of colour and pattern, and our mission is to continue to do so!

Our vision for our work to continue to push the boundaries of our styles, while inspiring each other with new colour combinations, themes and ideas. We often work in similar colour palettes at the same time so it is always interesting to see the different routes we take.


Max’s paintings are based sometimes based on a theme, for example dogs, whereas others take on a journey or experience, recreating in a dream-like Chagall whirl, in the essence of the moment.

Tessa’s creations are based on a variety of sources, some figurative – places, objects; others are more abstract, based on a single or opposing colours.

We are driven by our mutual love of colour, pattern and light, often inspired by our ‘Kaiser’ adventures involving walking and travel.


Max works in oil paint, creating abstract canvases, full of detail – the more you look, the more you see! Each painting takes over 6 months to finish.

Tessa works in various textile forms, from knitting to machine/hand stitching, to create blends of fabric, thread and colour. Her ‘Arty hats’ are all unique, and finished off with her trademark embroidery – works of art in themselves.

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