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Maryam Jewellery






Sapphire and Lapis Necklace

Blue Topaz set on Sterling Silver Earrings

Blue Topaz set on Sterling Silver Earrings

Gold-plated Silver Citrine set


My aim is to make timeless and elegant jewellery for sophisticated women. Maryam Jewellery started out as a passion project, designing and creating new pieces from home. I have expanded my collections and now exhibit at trade shows, large festivals and events, and craft markets. My jewellery is lightweight and easy to wear. There are pieces for every day use, which complement daily activities, and statement pieces for special occasions.


I am inspired by the shapes and colours of the natural world. In particular, I love incorporating circles and hammered texture finishes into my designs and use the full range of bold and subtle colours that come from striking semi-precious stones. We hand-pick these stones personally, and from across the world.


I use sterling silver and gold as my materials and I also love using coloured semi-precious and precious stones. We source the stones internationally. My jewellery is all handcrafted in Cheltenham in my studio. I also take a commission and bespoke orders. A short video of me at work is available:

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