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Mark Kaiser Art

Frida Kahlo, La Casa Azul, Mexico City

Frida Kahlo, La Casa Azul, Mexico City

Warwick Castle, Early Autumn

Warwick Castle, Early Autumn

Aurora Borealis in Bordeyri, Iceland

Aurora Borealis in Bordeyri, Iceland


I like to entertain people with my work, to educate, and to recall memories of favourite destinations that people have been to. My main focus is on architecture, travel and colour. These three powerfully emotive subjects have a way of attracting the viewer and transporting them to a great place. There is a wealth of subject matter on offer and there is no end to that reference material - all one has to be is selective in the choice on offer. There is a story to each piece, in essence I am a storyteller, only working in colour and form instead of the written word.


I am inspired by the very nature of travel and have an affinity with buildings and architecture. It’s that sense of adventure and awe in seeing an amazing scene that really drives me. Watching travel programmes also inspires me as well as talking to people who have travelled to some amazing places. I count myself lucky that in the UK we have an abundance of beautiful places all around us including many hidden gems; the Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye; Brimham Rocks in North Yorkshire; and Caldey Island off the coast of Pembrokeshire to name but a few.


I work in oils on canvas and oil on card and I never start painting onto a white canvas, instead favouring to paint a background colour on first as a base. Different background colours give a different feeling to the completed painting. Using the back of a paintbrush I draw into the surface. Only when I’m happy with the under-drawing will I then start applying paint to canvas. I paint in many layers, but at times I also leave the under-painting colour to show through to add to the effect.

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